Plant Biologist

Our Mission

We will deliver an integrated innovation approach to developing a food production system based on the core principle of integrity - food that is safe, nutritious and authentic, produced in ethical and sustainable ways that protect both our environment and all those who work in the agriculture and food sectors.


Our Objectives

Our key objectives are to:

  1. Provide science-based evidence for sustainable healthy diets

  2. Develop new technologies to integrate and optimise a sustainable and transparent Irish food system

  3. Develop and adopt new approaches to ensure sustainable food production and processing systems

  4. Drive behavioural change across the food system to ensure healthy sustainable food with positive impacts on consumer health

  5. Increase the competitiveness of the island’s food economy by meeting global consumer needs through diversifying agricultural systems

Our long-term goal is to harness food systems expertise on the island of Ireland to develop and deliver systems and challenge-based transdisciplinary research, and innovative and disruptive technologies to position the island as a global food leader.


About FOOD-I

The All-Island Food Integrity Initiative (FOOD-I) consolidates food systems expertise on the island of Ireland, bringing together key academic, industry and government stakeholders to realise a step-change in the sustainability, security, harmony and integrity of the food system on the island, with a view to ensuring healthy, safe, nutritious food. 

Adopting a consumer-driven approach, diversification in the Irish food system will be enhanced, enabled by innovative and disruptive technologies. FOOD-I will build on the island of Ireland’s enviable international reputation as a quality food producer, ensuring consumer health and the economic viability and sustainability of national food systems.

FOOD-I is employing a truly multidisciplinary and diversified research and innovation agenda. Internationally renowned natural and social scientists, data scientists, engineers and economists from the island’s premier research organisations are being connected and unified under a common vision and goal to advance innovations for the whole island of Ireland food system and consumer culture. 

Agriculture and food industries indigenous to the island as well as multinationals, policy makers and consumer organisations are major stakeholders, and are supporting the co-creation of a focused research programme with the objective of delivering high level impact across the key and interlinked areas of sustainability, nutrition, transparency, food safety and consumer trust.


Our Platforms

FOOD-I is interlinked by five central platforms:

One Planet - environmental sustainability of food production

Nutrition - soil, crop, animal and human health

Food Safety - antimicrobial resistance, animal welfare

Affecting behavioural change - farmers, processors, retailers, consumers, policy makers

Total Transparency - pre-farm, at farm, processing, distribution, retail/food service


Our Members

A harmonised all-island framework is critical to address the challenges and opportunities for future food production on the island. FOOD-I brings together the leading agri-food research institutions on the island of Ireland with the shared vision of advancing innovations for food systems. The institutions are at the forefront of national and international agriculture and food systems research and education.